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Busch Gardens is more than just Roller Coasters and Rides

Clydesdale at Busch Gardens

Since the park opened animal conservation has been a part of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s storied history.  While its sister Park Busch Gardens Tampa is built entirely around the animal and safari theme, at Busch Gardens Williamsburg the animals provide a more subtle backdrop to its old world European theme.

The best known of Busch Gardens animals are its storied Clydesdales who graced all of the Anheuser Busch beer commercials for years.  In Highland Stables you hand meet these majestic beauties face to face and if you are lucky you may even see a newborn!  You will be amazed at their magnificent size combined with a gentle nature.

Jack Hanna has long been a friend and spokesperson of the park.  In Jack Hanna’s wild reserve you learn about a variety of exotic animals, their natural habitats and what we can do to preserve their safety.

For comic relief that will charm everyone in your family catch the popular show Pet Shenanigans where our trainers dazzle you with amazing talents of  birds, pigs, dogs and more.  Our maybe it’s the other way around, these animals really have our experts trained and they will have you laughing all the way home!

Wolf Pup at Busch Gardens

Wolf Valley and Wolf Haven take you into the mysterious world of wolves.  These beautiful creatures are actually fiercely loyal and smarter than you might think.  Its easy to see their ancestral connection to Man’s Best Friend.

You won’t want to miss Eagle Ridge and Lorikeet Glen.  The American Bald Eagles of Busch Gardens Eagle Ridge have all been rescued having survived injuries that left them unable to fend for themselves in the wild.

All of these animal exhibits are included with your Busch Gardens tickets, however for just a little more you can choose to go behind the scenes and have an even closer look at the park’s animal kingdom.  Selections include the Clydesdales and Collies Up Close Tour, Wolf Training Up Close and the Ultimate Animal Insider Tour.

Animal enthusiasts will find they need at extra day at the park in order to see all of the animal exhibits.  When you purchase multi-day tickets you will enjoy Busch Gardens ticket discounts.  Fun Cards give you admission to the park all summer for the price of a single day ticket.  To enjoy the animals at Busch Gardens as well as those at Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg Bounce Passes are a great choice.  These Williamsburg tickets offer up to seven consecutive days of admission to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg and Water Country USA, including parking.


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