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A Haunted take on Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area

Email Cw Spooky CopyColonial Williamsburg’s historic area can keep one engaged for days. Just walking its streets makes you feel like you have truly returned to the 18th century. As costumed townspeople pass you by, they are more than happy to engage you in conversation, regarding the latest news from England.

Each building you enter has a story to tell. Whether original or reconstructed, things have happened on that very property that we know little, if anything, about. Those who work in the historic area or, better yet, who live there, can tell you things that others would not dare reveal.

In the late night, Williamsburg becomes a very quiet and dark place. Costumed interpreters go home and the buildings go dark. Whether ghosts are seen or imagined, there is definitely an eerie feeling as you walk down the very streets where George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and so many of our forefathers walked. You can almost see them off in a distance, as you imagine what the town was like in the darkness, back in the 18th century.

Employees and residents, alike, tell of sightings and sounds heard in the late night hours. One just looks at the Peyton Randolph House and feels fear. There is something about that house that keeps townspeople and guests far from its doors. As you stand before the house, the windows somehow do not seem empty. Is that really someone looking out at you or just your imagination? And what about the hands you see pressed up against the window pane? Is that someone clawing to get out?

577021 10150959367898048 1991281275 NSpooks and Legends Haunted Williamsburg ToursIf you want to experience even more, why not head over to George Wythe’s spirit-filled house, on Palace Green. Built just outside the graveyard walls, town security guards have revealed just how scary it is to be inside that house, at night. Things are seen and heard that the bravest run from. Are those interior shutters truly opening and closing before your eyes? Many guests swear they are.

Williamsburg has quite the reputation, not always terribly settling. If your curiosities have been piqued, why not see for yourself just how “interesting” the town can be when everyone else goes home. Take a Spooks and Legends Haunted Tour. You will see, first hand, what others are too afraid to return to. Spooks and Legends is the #1 rated haunted tour in Williamsburg on Trip Advisor and tickets are only $12 when you book with Williamsburg Vacations (free for kids 6 and under).