Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream

Each weekend September 15 through October 27 a spell has been cast and a curse has been set, the only way to lift the spell is to brave a frightful evening at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream!

Before 6 pm each day the park is considered kid-siderate for those who can’t or are unwilling to brave the event. During this time the park offers its usual fun attractions along with some not-so-scary Halloween fun.

At 6 pm the curse descends and only the truly brave should stay on for an evening of thrills and scares! With new music and special effects throughout the park, returning guests will notice immediately how nerve-racking the event is.

Explore several Terror-tories throughout the park’s European landscape including the all-new including Wendigo Woods in New France where the scares are not merely physical, but they will play with your mind too! Sometimes this can be the scariest of all!

Busch Gardens six haunted houses remain one of the more exciting parts of the event. Each is rated with a different scare factor, be sure to check the rating and that you can take the heat before you enter!

Several Halloween themed shows will be shaking things up this year. The popular Monster Stomp has been reimagined with 3-D elements as it takes over the Globe Theatre. Parents are encouraged to review each show carefully before bringing young children inside the theatre.

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 14 – October 27. The park is open until 10 pm on Friday and Sunday and 11 pm on Saturday. Tickets to Busch Gardens and other attractions may be added after selecting your room. Are you brave enough?

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