Busch Gardens Vacation Tips

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Elmo At Busch Gardens

Let us help you make the most of your Busch Gardens vacation with these five tips!

1. If you can afford it, the premium parking is well worth the extra few bucks. No one enjoys the long lines to ride a tram out to some distant parking lot. While it may not be that bad when you arrive, at the end of a busy day on your feet with everyone leaving the park at the same time, the wait can seem like complete torture.

2. Avoid the game temptation. Everyone has done it, spent endless time and money trying to win an impossible game in order to take home the world’s largest stuffed animal. Not only does this take valuable time you could spend enjoying the park, but many folks don’t know that games that appear easy are often weighted against you. Plus, if you are one of the lucky few that win, do you really want to lug that large stuffed animal around all day? Is there room for it in the car on the way home? What will you do with it while you are on rides? Just don’t go there.

3. Take in the shows. Many people are all about the rides and completely skip the entertainment. The park holds auditions early in the year and brings in talented entertainers from all over the world housing them at hotels near Busch Gardens all to bring you the best in entertainment. While you don’t need to spend the day going from show to show, pick out one or two, note the showtimes, and plan to work them into your visit.

4. Plan for the food, but enjoy it! Food in an amusement park is expensive, and often not all that appetizing. At Busch Gardens they offer traditional pizza, chicken tenders, and fries or more upscale cuisine based on their European theme. Enjoy handmade pasta in Italy or corned beef and German potato salad in Das Festhaus. While it is certainly an option to leave the park and grab a quick bite at one of many restaurants just outside the gate, we recommend planning for at least one good meal inside Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

5. Arrive later and stay for fireworks. Unless you have the stamina to make it from the time the park opens at 10 am (most rides don’t open until 11 am) all the way until closing, you probably have to decide whether to be there early in the day or late in the evening. Go for the evening. The park comes alive at night and almost seems magical with light shows and live entertainment. If you are planning to visit Busch Gardens during July or Early August you can enjoy Illumi-Nights nightly spectacular and fireworks finale!

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