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Explore Hiking in Williamsburg

Picture of a street lamp and building in Merchant's square in Williamsburg VAWhen Southern Living Magazine named Williamsburg the South’s “Best Small Town for 2020”, it wasn’t for the theme parks and water slides.

Those are nice, of course, and plenty popular.

But those who visit discover another Williamsburg, the one with hidden charms that made our little town a favorite of Southern Living editors.

So, come join us for a quick journey off the beaten path. This is the first of 10 short stories about some of our less well known attractions, but ones that will make for special memories this summer. Each story is about a place, or an attraction, that can be enjoyed in the safety of social distancing precautions.

Kids Hiking in WilliamsburgLet’s start with a nature hike.

Nestled behind the Williamsburg Inn, just steps from the Historic Area you will find Bassett Trace Trail. It is but one of Williamsburg’s many hiking trails.  But this one is special. It snakes for 3.4 miles alongside the Golden Horseshoe Gold golf course, although you would never know it amid the dense foliage.

Though Williamsburg offers many excellent biking trails, this one is best traveled by foot. Be careful not to trip on the tree roots from centuries old oaks.

Want a workout? Attack the trail with a fast pace.

Golden Horseshoe on Bassett Trail in WilliamsburgWant to take in the quiet and tranquility? Then just stroll along in the natural beauty. Even better, relax on a bench.  Signs along the trail tell you about the plants and animals that call this home.

At the midway point of this adventure, from out of the woods appears the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course Club House. If you forgot to pack a lunch, or simply want to enjoy the fantastic view of the 18th green, head for the patio and indulge in one of the South’s best traditions, ice cold sweet tea before embarking on the second half of the trail.

Best of all, though it is entirely contained on the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg, Bassett Trail is free.



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